Announcing Auditions for Geauga Center for the Arts'

production of...



Directed by Karen O’Baker Porter


Streaming July 23 - August 1

Rehearsals begin Late May 2021



     *Please record a video of yourself performing a monologue in the style of the show. Monologues from the show are available for use at this link.

     *Videos can be submitted as a file or a link through the audition form at this link

     *Submissions are due by Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 6:00pm

     *If COVID-19 Restrictions allow for in person auditions, that date, time and location will be sent to those interested in in-person auditions


    *By invitation only

     *Sides will be provided for readings via email

     *Virtual callbacks will be at a date, time, and location TBD

     *If COVID-19 Restrictions allow for in person callbacks, those will be at a date, time, and location TBD


Almost, Maine is a romantic comedy comprising nine short plays that explore love and loss in a remote, mythical almost-town called Almost, Maine.

The play is bracketed by a discussion between two lovers, Pete and Ginette, who are gradually in the process of revealing their love to each other. The Prologue ends with the paradox that given that the world is roughly spherical, people as close as possible to one another in one direction are as far apart as possible in another direction. Thus Ginette heads away from Pete in a journey around the world to bring her closer to him.

The subsequent eight scenes involve vignettes of eight other couples, all overcoming relationship obstacles in narrative arcs that pose a problem or paradox, work through short intervals of vaguely surreal comedy, and end with happy resolutions. The play ends with a happy reunion between Pete and Ginette. 

The people of Almost, Maine are not simpletons. They are not hicks or rednecks. They are not quaint, quirky eccentrics. They don’t wear funny clothes or funny hats. They don’t have funny Maine accents. They are not “Down Easters”. They are not fishermen or lobstermen. They don’t wear galoshes and rain hats. They don’t say, “Ayuh.”

 The people of Almost, Maine are ordinary people. They work hard for a living. They are extremely dignified. They are honest and true. They are not cynical. They are not sarcastic. They are not glib. But this does not mean that they are dumb. They’re very smart. They just take time to wonder about things. They speak simply, honestly, truly, and from the heart. They are never precious about what they say or do.

Character Descriptions

NOTE: Cast size will vary based on needs of the production and those who audition

Each male actor cast (Male, 20-45) will play multiple characters including Pete, an inexpressive, nice guy; Lendall, a simple guy with a romantic edge; Phil, a hardworking man having marital issues; Man, a small, thin, everyday guy; East, a gentle repairman; Jimmy, a heating and cooling man, depressed and trying to get over his ex-girlfriend; Chad, a rough "country guy"; Randy, a rough "country guy"; Dave a timid guy who tries to be tough, but is really tender; and Steve, a kind, open guy who is very sheltered. 

Each female actor cast (Female, 20-45) will play multiple characters including Ginette, young and in love; Waitress, a busy body, yet caring; Glory, a hiker with a tough façade, yet has a broken heart; Gayle, an angry woman who is impatient because she feels like her boyfriend is not moving fast enough; Hope, an independent and confident woman; Sandrine, an excited girl who is about to get married; Marvalyn, a woman who puts up a hard front to protect herself from getting hurt; Marci, a hardworking woman having marital issues; and Rhonda, a tough tomboy who has never been in a relationship. 

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